Students, Post-Doctoral Researchers and Visiting Scholars

Ph.D. Dissertations

  1. Qiaode (Jeff) Ge, Kinematic Constraints as Algebraic Manifolds in the Clifford Algebra of Three Dimensional Projective Space, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, June 1990. (Asst. Prof., State University of New York, Stoney Brook)
  2. R. Mohan C. Bodduluri, The Design and Planned Movement of Multi Degree of Freedom Closed Kinematic Chains, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, August 1990. (Director of product development, Accuray, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA.)
  3. John R. Dooley, Dynamic Analysis of Spatial Mechanisms Using Dual Quaternion Coordinates, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, January ,1993. (Research Scientist, Accuray, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA.)
  4. Pierre Larochelle, Design of Cooperating Robots and Spatial Mechanisms, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, June 1994. (Asst. Prof., Florida Institute of Technology, (Melbourne, FL)).
  5. Andrew Murray, Global Properties of Constraint Manifolds in the Kinematic Synthesis of Closed Chains, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, June 1996 (Asst. Prof., University of Dayton).
  6. Fangli Hao, A Geometric Approach to the Singularity Analysis of In-Parallel Robot Manipulators, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, June 1996. (Research scientist, Lam Research Corp.)
  7. Bernard Soriano, A Biomechanical Investigation of Human Movement during the Golf Swing, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, August 1996. (Scientific Advisor, California Governor Pete Wilson.)
  8. Curtis Collins, Singularity Analysis and Design of Parallel Manipulators, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, August 1997. (Post-doctoral fellow, California Institute of Technology.)
  9. Alba Perez, Dual Quaternion Synthesis of Constrained Robotic Systems, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCI, September 2003.
  10. Haijun Su, Resultant and Polynomial Homotopy Methods for Constrained Robot Synthesis.  (passed Qualifying Exam, March 18, 2002)

Master's of Science:

  1. D. Carmel, "The Mechanical Design of the Pennsylvania Anthropomorphic Robotic Manipulator - A Seven Degree of Freedom Kinematically Anthropomorphic Robot," University of Pennsylvania, May 1984.
  2. A. Gillett, "Kinematic and Dynamics Analysis of an Anthropomorphic Manipulator," University of Pennsylvania, August 1984.
  3. W. Holzmann, "On Grasping a General Solid Object with a Multi-Fingered Mechanical Hand," University of Pennsylvania, December 1984.
  4. E. Donskoy, "The Mechanical Design of a High Speed Robotic Electronic Component Insertion System," University of Pennsylvania, September 1986.
  5. Qiaode Ge, "The Kinematic Geometry of the Hypersphere as an Image Space of Rotational Motion," University of Pennsylvania, September 1986.
  6. Scott Leaver, "The Mechanical Design of a Three Jointed Two-degree-of-freedom Robot Fingers," University of Pennsylvania, September 1986.
  7. Mohan Bodduluri, "The Design of Spherical Four Bar Linkages Using Interactive Computer Graphics," University of Pennsylvania, September 1986.
  8. S. Mantha, "The Synthesis of Four Bar Linkages using Kinematic Mapping," University of Pennsylvania, December 1986.
  9. Y. M. Tsai (M. S. Engineering), "The Workspace of Two Adjacent Planar Manipulators, One with One Link, Another with Two Links, Holding an Object of One Dimension," UCI, March 1988.
  10. Dawn T. Duerre (M. S. Engineering), "Compliance Control of Robotic Fingers," UCI, August 1989.
  11. Frank Ma (M. S. Engineering), "The Design of a Four Fingered Mechanical Hand," UCI, December 1989.
  12. John R. Dooley (M. S. Engineering), "Analysis of Mechanisms in the Image Space of Planar Displacements," UCI, June 1990.
  13. Kevin Quirk (M. S. Engineering), "Symbolic Model Derivation and Trajectory Generation for the UCI Robotic Finger System," UCI, December 1990.
  14. Tony Wu (M. S. Engineering), "Computer Aided Design of Planar and Spherical 4R Linkages with an Added Driving Dyad," UCI, May 1991.
  15. Pierre Larochelle (M. S. Engineering), "Maximizing Payload for Cooperating Robot Systems using Time-Optimal Control," UCI, August 1991.
  16. Philip Wong (M. S. Engineering), "System Integration and Control of the UCI Three Fingered Mechanical Hand," UCI, December 1991.
  17. Andrew Murray (M. S. Engineering), "Central Axis and Circling Axis Congruences as Projections of the Constraint Manifold of the Complementary Screw Quadrilateral," UCI, March 1993.
  18. Dore C. Mark (M. S. Engineering), "Spherical Linkage Classification and Singularity Analysis," UCI, December 1993
  19. Chris Muller (M. S. Mechanical Engineering), "Static Analysis and Deflections of Spherical 4R Linkages," UCI, March 1996.
  20. Karl Etzel (M. S. Mechanical Engineering), "Biquaternion Theory and Applications to Spatial Motion Analysis," UCI, March 1996.
  21. Da-Yu Chang (M.S. Mechanical Engineering), "Kinematic and static analysis of spatial four bar linkages,"UCI, September 1998.
  22. Alan Ruth (M. S. Mechanical Engineering), "Planar and spherical 4R linkage synthesis for four specified positions,"UCI, expected December 1997.
  23. Lance Kwock (M.S. Mechanical Engineering), "An new interactive design procedure for spatial 4C linkages,"UCI, -expected completion December 1997.
  24. Alba Perez (M.S. Mechanical Engineering), "Three Position Synthesis of Bennett Linkages," UCI, expected March 1999.
  25. Shawn Ahlers (M.S. Mechanical Engineering), "Interpolation of Spatial Displacements," UCI, expected March 1999.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

  • Gregory Long, 1990-1991, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, UC President's Fellow.
  • Pierre Larochelle, 1994, Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
  • Gregory Long, 1997, President, Reflex Technologies.
  • Curtis Collins, 2002, Lecturer, California Institute of Technology
  • Alba Perez, 2003, Ph.D. University of California, Irvine

Visiting Scholars

  • Chien Sen Lin, Summer 1989, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Calif. State Univ., Fullerton.
  • Peter Dietmeier, 1991-1992, Professor, Technical University of Graz, Austria.
  • Warren Seering, 1994-1995, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, MIT.
  • Pierre Dauchez, 1995-1996, Professor, University of Montpellier, and Research Scientist LIRMM
  • Francois Pierrot, 1995-1996, Research Scientist LIRMM
  • Qizheng Liao, 1997, Professor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
  • Thomas Chase, 1998, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • Narcis Gascons, 2001, Assistant Professor, University of Girona