ME 244 Theoretical Kinematics

Instructor: J. M. McCarthy, 4203 EGR (824-6893)

Text: J. M. McCarthy, Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics, MIT Press, 1990.

Goal: This class presents the mathematical theory underlying the analysis of general spatial mechanisms and robots. The focus is on rigid transformations and the determinination of the structure equations of a kinematic chain. The differential properties of these equations are formulated using screw theory. Quaternion formulations of constraint manifolds are used to provide a new definition of the workspace for a general mechanical system.

Topics by week:

  1. Displacements, Ch. 1;
  2. Velocity and Angular Velocity, Ch. 2;
  3. Screw Theory, Ch. 3;
  4. Quaternions, Ch. 4;
  5. Review, Exam;
  6. Mobility, Ch. 5;
  7. Structure Equations, Ch. 6;
  8. Kinematic Analysis, notes;
  9. Constraint Manifolds, Ch. 7;
  10. Review;
  11. Final Exam.