ME 245 Spatial Mechanism Design


J. M. McCarthy, 824-6893,, 4203 Engineering Gateway

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J. M. McCarthy, Geometric Design of Linkages, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2000,

Mathematica 4.0 software for the derivation and solution of analysis and synthesis equations.


ME200A (Linear Algebra), ME244 (Theoretical Kinematics) or consent of instructor.

This class presents the mathematical theory underlying the geometric synthesis of constrained serial chains. These chains have less than six degrees of freedom and can be designed to pass through an arbitrary set of specified positions. Geometric constraints are used to formulate design equations which are solved using algebraic elimination theory. The formulation yields multiple solutions that can be assembled into a variety of linkages.

Each student works with the professor to prepare a presentation. The student prepares and distributes lecture notes and gives the lecture in conjunction with the professor.
Grades are assigned based on the quality of the homework and presentations.