ASME Paper Numbers

This is a final listing of the corresponding authors, titles and paper numbers for the 484 papers to be presented at the Conference. Please contact me if you find any errors.
Thank you, Mike McCarthy
1	Abdel-Malek	Karim	96-DETC/DAC-1471	Kinematic Sensitivity Analysis of the Spatial Four-Bar Mechanism
2	Abdel-Malek	Karim	96-DETC/MECH-1150	The Problem of Scheduling Parallel Computations of Multibody Dynamic Analysis is NP-Hard
3	Abdel-Malek	Karim	96-DETC/MECH-1170	Workspace of Four-Degree-of-Freedom Manipulators
4	Abdel-Malek	Karim	96-DETC/MECH-1172	Analytical Criteria for the Analysis of Design Propagations in Mechanisms
5	Abdel-Malek	Karim	96-DETC/MECH-1194	Computing an Assembled Configuration for the McPherson Strut Suspension System
6	Abdel-Malek	Karim	96-DETC/MECH-1218	Workspace of a Gimbal with Joint Limits
7	Agba	 E. I.	96-DETC/DFM-1278	Design of mobile temperature monitor system for autobrazer baseline calibration
8	Almadi	A.N.	96-DETC/MECH-1206	Closed-Form Displacement Analysis of SDOF 8-Link Mechanisms
9	Almadi	A.N.	96-DETC/MECH-1207	Closed-Form Displacement Analysis of 9-Link, 2-DOF and 10-Link, 3-DOF Mechanisms
10	Anand	Sam	96-DETC/FAS-1366	An Efficient Algorithm for Accurate Evaluation of Circularity Tolerance
11	Ananthasuresh	G. K.	96-DETC/DFM-1309	The role of compliance in the design of MEMS
12	Ananthasuresh	G. K.	96-DETC/MECH-1217	Case Studies and a Note on the Degrees-of-Freedom in Compliant Mechanisms
13	Anderson	David	96-DETC/CIE-1336	A Computer Environment for Realistic Assembly Design
14	Angeles	Jorge	96-DETC/MECH-1019	The Synthesis of a Transmission With Intersecting Axes for Rectifying and Reducing a Periodic Speed:  A Preliminary Study
15	Antonsson	Erik	96-DETC/DFM-1310	Etch rate modeling in MEMS design
16	Antonsson	Erik	96-DETC/DFM-1312	Design of MEMS via efficient simulation of fabrication.
17	Antonsson	Erik K.	96-DETC/DTM-1524	Multi-Dimensional Mapping of Design Imprecision
18	Antonsson	Erik K.	96-DETC/DTM-1525	Formalisms For Negotiation In Engineering Design
19	Appleton	Ernest	96-DETC/DAC-1445	Modelling and Analysis of the grout delivery mechanism in the remote spray lining of shafts
20	Appleton	Ernest	96-DETC/DAC-1452	Remote Concrete Spraying in shafts and tunnels with closed loop control
21	Arakawa	Masao	96-DETC/DAC-1067	Strategic Genetic Algorithms to Obtain Multiple Acceptable Design
22	Ashrafiuon	Hashem	96-DETC/MECH-1178	Design Optimization of Variable Stroke Compressors to Minimize Vibration by using Asymptotic Analysis
23	Avello	Alejo	96-DETC/MECH-1569	Optimization of Multibody Dynamics Using Pointwise Constraints and Arbitrary Functions
24	Azarm	Shapour	96-DETC/DAC-1484	The Application of a Concurrent Design Optimization Tool to a Composite Panel for a Naval Ship Structure
25	Azarm	Shapour	96-DETC/DAC-1491	A New Class of Six-Bar Mechanisms with Symmetrical Coupler Curves
26	Aziz	Rosman	96-DETC/MECH-1017	Development of an Integrated System for CAM Design and Manufacture with Graphical User Interface
27	Bagci	Cemil	96-DETC/MECH-1174	Elastodynamics of Horizontally Body-Guiding CAM-Driven Linkages Interacting with Robots, and Elastic Error Compensation for Robot Positioning
28	Bagci	Cemil	96-DETC/MECH-1183	Dynamic Response of Multi-Cylinder Engines as Spatial Elastic Linkage Systems
29	Bagci	Cemil	96-DETC/MECH-1188	Complete Shaking-Force, Moment, and Torque Balancing of Multi-Cylinder Engines Without Requiring Harmonic Balancers
30	Bagci	Cemil	96-DETC/MECH-1191	Critical Speed Analysis of Multi-Cylinder Engines as Spatial Elastic Linkage Systems
31	Balkan	Tuna	96-DETC/CIE-1441	Fuzzy Control of an Inverted Pendulum
32	Balkan	Tuna	96-DETC/FAS-1701	A Programming Technique for Multifunctional Use of Industrial Robots
33	Balkan	Tuna	96-DETC/MECH-1556	Trajectory Control for Robotic Arc Welding Applications
34	Balling	Claus	96-DETC/DAC-1428	Formulation and Implementation of Multibody Systems using Joint Coordinates
35	Basson	A.H.	96-DETC/DAC-1039	A Software Design Assistant for Specification Development
36	Bauer	Dietrich	96-DETC/DAC-1446	Optimization of Deep Drawing Processes using Statistical Design of Experiments
37	Bawab	Sebastian	96-DETC/MECH-1196	A New Circuit Rectification Method in Four-Bar Linkages
38	Behar	Linda	96-DETC/DAC-1454	Sensitivity Analysis for Flexible Multi-body Systems optimization
39	Behfar	Seyed M.R.	96-DETC/DAC-1456	Shape Optimization of Double Curved Arch Dams with Spline Function in Shape Description Module
40	Benedetto	A. Di	96-DETC/MECH-1021	Position Analysis and Higher-order synthesis of the swinging-block mechanism
41	Benhabib	Beno	96-DETC/CIE-1319	A Generalized Method for the Classification and Extraction of Form Features
42	Blair	Darren	96-DETC/CIE-1435	Computer Controlled Integrated Steering/Drive System for Vehicles
43	Bliznakov	Plamen	96-DETC/EIM-1420	Integration Infrastructure to Support Concurrence and Collaboration in Engineering Design
44	Bocks	Peggy	96-DETC/EIM-1427	A Primer for Enterprise Information Delivery
45	Bohn	Jan Helge	96-DETC/CIE-1430	An Inexpensive Course on Layered Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
46	Bras	Bert	96-DETC/DFM-1270	Designing for material separation: lessons from automotive recycling.
47	Bras	Bert	96-DETC/DFM-1271	Enhancing Design for Dissassembly: A Benchmark of DFD Software Tools
48	Bronsvoort	Willem	96-DETC/CIE-1325	Extracting Grip Areas from Feature Information
49	Brown	Don R.	96-DETC/CIE-1654	Spacetime Optimization for Assembly Process Design Associated with Manual Lifting
50	Bryant	Robert	96-DETC/DFM-1289	Common Product/Process Models for Integrating Manufacturing Simulation, Process Planning and Computer Aided Design
51	Buffinton	Keith W.	96-DETC/CIE-1431	An Integrated Approach to Teaching Mechanism Analysis Using Working Model
52	Buhrle	Peter	96-DETC/MECH-1566	Modeling, Simulation and Realization of an Autonomous Six Legged Walking Machine
53	Busnaina	Ahmed A.	96-DETC/CIE-1351	Modeling of Particulate Contamination in Tungsten Low Pressure Chemical Vapor
54	Busnaina	Ahmed A.	96-DETC/CIE-1352	Removal of Submicron Particles Using High Frequency Ultrasonics
55	Butler	A. C.	96-DETC/CIE-1657	Checking Geometric Constraints in Layout Design Using Primitives
56	Cagan	Jonathan	96-DETC/DAC-1479	Packing of Generic, Three-Dimensional Components Based on Multi-Resolution Modeling
57	Cagan	Jonathan	96-DETC/DTM-1505	HVAC CAD Layout Tools:  A Case Study of University/Industry Collaboration
58	Canfield	Stephen	96-DETC/MECH-1156	Singularity and Dexterity Analysis of the Carpal Wrist
59	Canfield	Stephen L.	96-DETC/MECH-1158	Velocity Analysis of Truss-Type Manipulators
60	Cardenal	J.	96-DETC/CIE-1625	A Multi-Index Variable Time Step Method for the Dynamic Simulation of Multibody Systems
61	Carlson	Susan E.	96-DETC/DTM-1519	A Current Engineering Methodology for Small Companies
62	Ceccarelli	Marco	96-DETC/MECH-1012	A Workspace Analysis of RRP Manipulators
63	Chawdhry	P.K.	96-DETC/DAC-1527	Configuration Design with Neutral Networks
64	Chen	Dar-Zen	96-DETC/MECH-1024	Topological Synthesis of Geared Robotic Mechanism
65	Chen	Jyun-Ming	96-DETC/DAC-1059	Model Abstraction Techniques for Virtual Prototyping
66	Chen	Ningxin	96-DETC/MECH-1203	A New Approach for Curvatures of Conjugate Surfaces
67	Chen	Wei	96-DETC/DAC-1090	Using Design Capability Indices to Satisfy Ranged Sets of Design Requirements
68	Chen	Yong	96-DETC/MECH-1022	A Computational Approach for Determining Location of Burmester Solutions with Fully Rotatable Cranks
69	Chen	Youping	96-DETC/DFM-1405	Toolpath patterns and their evaluation methods in NC machining
70	Chen	Yu-Che	96-DETC/MECH-1145	On the Existence and Characteristics of Solution Paths at Algorithmic Singularities
71	Chen	Yuh-Min	96-DETC/EIM-1401	Enabling Concurrent Engineering Through Collaborative Product and Process Data Management
72	Cheng	Fuhua (Frank)	96-DETC/DFM-1297	 Boundary representation, intersection, and evaluation of NURB based non-manifold objects.
73	Cheng	Harry H.	96-DETC/MECH-1221	Dual Polynomials and Complex Dual Numbers for Analysis of Spatial Mechanisms
74	Cherng	John	96-DETC/CIE-1334	Integrated Part Feature Modeling and Process Planning for Concurrent Engineering
75	Chew	M.	96-DETC/MECH-1212	Analysis of Latching Systems in Deployers of deployable Structures Using Generalized Yale Lock & Sequential Logic
76	Chew	M.	96-DETC/MECH-1213	Synthesis of Non-Uniform Stroke Piston Engines
77	Chirikjian	Gregory	96-DETC/MECH-1149	Design and Implementation of Metamorphic Robots
78	Chirikjian	Gregory	96-DETC/MECH-1161	An Efficient Trajectory Planning Method for Binary Manipulators
79	Chirikjian	Gregory	96-DETC/MECH-1162	Discretely Actuated Manipulator Workspace Generation by Closed-Form Convolution
80	Choi	Kyung K.	96-DETC/DAC-1603	Robust Design Using Second-Order Shape Design Sensitivity Analysis
81	Clark II	William	96-DETC/CIE-1358	The Development of Nomograph Analyses into Mathematical Functions
82	Cohen	Elaine	96-DETC/DFM-1295	Detection and Prevention of Gouging in Multi Axis Machining of Freeform Surfaces
83	Colakoglu	A.	96-DETC/CIE-1630	Free External Tube Inversion Simulation Using FEM
84	Collado	Francisco	96-DETC/CIE-1331	 A New Viewfactor Algorithm Specific for Rectangular Enclosures
85	Colton	Jonathan S.	96-DETC/DTM-1501	Anchoring and Adjustment Design:  A User-Centered Design Strategy
86	Corney	Jonathan	96-DETC/CIE-1320	Integrating Solids-Based Machining with Feature Recognition
87	Coster	John E.	96-DETC/DAC-1461	Trust Region Augmented Lagrangian Methods with Secant Hessian Updating Applied to Structural Optimization
88	Cox	Jordan	96-DETC/DFM-1283	A parallel solution strategy for finite element models.
89	Cuadrado	J.	96-DETC/MECH-1011	Modeling issues for the intelligent simulation of multibody dynamics

90	Cutkosky	Mark	96-DETC/DFM-1302	Design for Manufacturability via Agent Interaction
91	Dai	Fan	96-DETC/DFM-1406	Enabling digital mock-up with virtual reality techniques - Vision, concept, demonstrator.
92	Dai	Jian Sheng	96-DETC/MECH-1004	Task-Oriented Direct Synthesis of Serial Manipulators Using Moment Invariants
93	Davidson	Joseph	96-DETC/MECH-1140	A Synthesis Method for Placing Workpieces in RPR Planar Robotic Workcells in Which Large Rotations Are Required at the Workpiece
94	de Sam Lazato	Anthony	96-DETC/CIE-1439	Deterministic Approach to Image Stabilization for a Flexible Robotic Arm
95	Derby	Stephen	96-DETC/CIE-1438	Design and Implementation of Linear Testbed For Encoder Validation
96	Derby	Stephen	96-DETC/FAS-1360	Optimizing Flexibility in a Sugar Packaging System
97	Derby	Stephen	96-DETC/FAS-1711	The Integration of a SMT Fully Automated Rework Cell for Fine Pitch Surface Mounted Devices
98	Dhingra	A.K.	96-DETC/MECH-1205	A Framework for Closed-Form Displacement Analysis of Planar Mechanisms
99	Diaz	Alejandro R.	96-DETC/DAC-1486	Hierarchical Solution of Large-Scale Three-Dimensional Topology Optimization Problems
100	Dohmen	Maurice	96-DETC/CIE-1321	Feature Validation in a Multiple-View Modeling System
101	Dong	Jian	96-DETC/CIE-1337	Feature Extraction Techniques by Optimal Volume Decomposition
102	Dong	Ming	96-DETC/DAC-1041	Knowledge-Based Integrated Manufacturing Flexible Simulation System
103	Dong	Ming	96-DETC/DAC-1042	Using Object-Oriented Frame Language for Realizing Discrete Event Simulation
104	Dong	Ming	96-DETC/DAC-1063	Timed Petri Nets and Heuristic Search-based FMS Scheduling
105	Dong	Ming	96-DETC/DAC-1064	Using CIMOSA and Stochastic Time Petri Nets for Behaviour Modeling of CIM Systems
106	Duffy	Joseph	96-DETC/MECH-1134	A Multi-Purpose Off-Line Path Planner Based on an A* Search Algorithm
107	Duffy	Joseph	96-DETC/MECH-1135	The Optimum Quality Index for the Stability of In-Parallel Planar Platform Devices
108	Duffy	Joseph	96-DETC/MECH-1136	Dynamic Modeling of Parallel Manipulators
109	Duffy	Joseph	96-DETC/MECH-1141	The Inverse Force Analysis of a Four-Bar Mechanism with Compliant Input and Output Links
110	Dutta	Deba	96-DETC/DAC-1128	The Geometry and Generation of NC Tool Paths
111	E	Mingcheng	96-DETC/DAC-1044	The R & D of the Business Process Related Services of the Integrating Infrastructure
112	Edwards	Dean B.	96-DETC/CIE-1442	Fuzzy Logic and Cell to Cell Mapping
113	Erdman	Arthur	96-DETC/MECH-1223	Spherical Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism for Continuous Passive Movement Rehabilitation Treatment of the Ankle
114	Erdman	Arthur	96-DETC/MECH-1224	Design of Entrance Door Mechanism for Sabreliner Jet Aircraft
115	Esawi	Amal	96-DETC/DFM-1403	Systematic process selection in mechanical design.
116	Eschenauer	Hans A.	96-DETC/DAC-1444	Modeling of a Controlled Service Platform: Proposals for an Optimal Layout
117	Fadel	George M.	96-DETC/DTM-1504	Classifying Functions for Mechanical Design
118	Fadel	 Georges M.	96-DETC/DFM-1305	IVECS: An Interactive Virtual Environment for the Correction of .STL Files
119	Farhang	Kambiz	96-DETC/MECH-1199	On Steady-State response of Multi-Cylinder Engine System
120	Farhang	Kambiz	96-DETC/MECH-1200	Design of A Two-Input Linkage-Based Motor
121	Farritor	Shane	96-DETC/DTM-1237	On the Design of Rapidly Deployable Field Robotic Systems
122	Feng	Chang-Xue Jack	96-DETC/DAC-1475	Design for Manufacturing:  Discrete Continuous Tolerances
123	Fichter	Eugene	96-DETC/MECH-1139	Leg Lift during Non-overconstrained Pseudo-static Walking
124	Fischer	Ian S.	96-DETC/MECH-1216	Inertia Effects in Cardan-Joint Operation
125	Flaig	Thomas	96-DETC/DFM-1417	Vitual Prototyping: New Information Techniques in Product Design
126	Foster	D.E.	96-DETC/MECH-1143	Assembly Configurations and Branches of Planar Single-Input Dyadic Mechanisms
127	Foster	D.E.	96-DETC/MECH-1144	Assembly Configurations of Single-Loop Mechanisms with Pin Joints and Sliding Joints
128	Freeman	Jeffrey S.	96-DETC/DAC-1087	Direct Differentiation Methods for the Design Sensitivity of Multibody Dynamic Systems
129	Fujimoto	Hideo	96-DETC/FAS-1359	A New Crossover Operator for Assembly Sequence Planning by Genetic Algorithms
130	Fujita	Kikuo	96-DETC/DAC-1464	Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Planning Method of Energy Plant Configurations
131	Fukuda	Shuichi	96-DETC/DFM-1412	Design by word and deed
132	Fukuda	Shuichi	96-DETC/DFM-1413	Distance learning of skills.
133	Fukuda	Shuichi	96-DETC/DFM-1414	New CAD for rapid prototyping
134	Funk	Wolfram	96-DETC/MECH-1570	On the Complete Balancing of the Inertia-Caused Input Torque for Plane Mechanisms
135	Gadh	Rajit	96-DETC/DFM-1273	Design for disassembly methodology for virtual prototypes.
136	Galleti	Carlo	96-DETC/CIE-1440	Enhancing Mechanism Simulation in Engineering Education by a Hypermedia System
137	Galletti	C.	96-DETC/MECH-1027	Assur's Groups, AKCs, Basic Trusses, SOCs, etc.: Modular Kinematics of Planar Linkages
138	Ge	Jeffrey	96-DETC/DFM-1298	Kinematics-Based Geometric Design of Sculptured Surfaces
139	Ge	Q. Jeffrey	96-DETC/DAC-1495	Rational Bezier and B-Spline Ruled Surface Patches
140	Ge	Q. Jeffrey	96-DETC/MECH-1173	C2 Piecewise Bezier Harmonics for Motion Specifications of High-Speed Cam Mechanisms
141	Gea	Hae Chang	96-DETC/CIE-1629	Modal Sensitivity Analysis of Coupled Acoustic-Structural Systems
142	Gea	Hae Chang	96-DETC/DAC-1466	Two-Dimensional Packing Problems Using Genetic Algorithms
143	Gea	Hae Chang	96-DETC/DAC-1467	Design of Multi-Component Structural Systems for Optimal Layout Topology and Joint Locations
144	Gershenson	John K.	96-DETC/DTM-1514	The Validation of a Taxonomy for Manufacturability Design Requirements
145	Ghodous	Parisa	96-DETC/DFM-1418	 Integrated product and process data model using STEP
146	Gilmore	Brian	96-DETC/DAC-1123	Dynamic Simulation for the Structural Integrity of Fluid Filled Thin Walled Tanks Subjected to Impact Loading
147	Golabi	Sa'id	96-DETC/DFM-1463	A technique for planar contact recognition in automatic assembly planning
148	Gorman	Kevin J.	96-DETC/CIE-1450	Rapid Prototying of Fuzzy Logic Controllers
149	Gosselin	Clement M.	96-DETC/MECH-1006	Kinematic Analysis and Singularity Loci of Spatial Four-Degree-of-Freedom Parallel Manipulators
150	Gosselin	Clement M.	96-DETC/MECH-1007	Kinematic Modeling of Underactuated Mechanical Grippers
151	Gosselin	Clement M.	96-DETC/MECH-1562	Simulation and Design of Two-Degree-of-Freedom Underactuated Mechanical Fingers
152	Gosselin	Clement M.	96-DETC/MECH-1563	Modeling and Identification of Non-Geometric Parameters in Semi-Flexible Serial Robotic Mechanisms
153	Gosselin	Clement M.	96-DETC/MECH-1564	Analysis and Synthesis of Underactuated Force Generating Mechanisms
154	Grafe	Michael	96-DETC/CIE-1329	Integration of Real IT-Applications in Virtual Manufacturing Systems
155	Grote	Karl-Heinrich	96-DETC/DFM-1404	Computer supported product development through integration of CAD, rapid prototyping and 3D-digitizing helps the productivity of former East German companies.
156	Gruver	William A.	96-DETC/MECH-1028	A Geometric Model for Analysis and Design of Delta Parallel Robots
157	Gupta	A.D.	96-DETC/CIE-1611	Dynamic Response of a Generic Vehicle Floor Model to Coupled Transient Loads
158	Gupta	Ashwani K.	96-DETC/CIE-1353	On the Thermal Decomposition of Solid Wastes
159	Gupta	Krishna C.	96-DETC/MECH-1658	An algebraic-geometrical method for the identification and elimination of circuit defect
160	Gupta	Rakesh	96-DETC/CIE-1348	Survey on Use of Virtual Environments in Design and Manufacturing
161	Gupta	Satyandra	96-DETC/DFM-1269	Cooperative planning sheet metal bending
162	Gupta	Satyandra K.	96-DETC/CIE-1338	Using Virtual Node Generation to Speed up Sheet Metal Bending Operation Planning
163	Hall	Neil	96-DETC/EIM-1425	An Investigation of a relational Database Approach to a Multidisciplinary Conceptual Design for the HSCT
164	Han	Soon-Hung	96-DETC/DAC-1069	Product Data Management Using AP203 of STEP Standard
165	Haug	Edward J.	96-DETC/DAC-1602	Domains of Mobility for a Planar Body Moving Among Obstacles
166	Hayes	Caroline C.	96-DETC/DFM-1287	Reconfigurable feature recognition for an adaptable, maintainable CAD/CAPP integration.
167	Heikkinen	Ari	96-DETC/DFM-1462	Gear Shaft Design Process by Using Object-Oriented Methods
168	Henderson	Mark	96-DETC/DFM-1284	An investigation of vector and parallel processing applied to solid modeling
169	Herrmann	Jeffrey	96-DETC/DFM-1290	Manufacturability analysis using high-level process planning.
170	Hildum	David	96-DETC/DFM-1291	 A blackboard architecture for integrated process planning/production scheduling
171	Hiroyasu	Tomoyuki	96-DETC/DAC-1066	Effective Design Methods of Wide Robust Structures
172	Hodges	Peter H.	96-DETC/DAC-1604	On the Possibility of a Constant Mesh Geared CVT
173	Holland	Neil	96-DETC/MECH-1002	Orientation Capability and Robot Wrists
174	Hong	Boyang	96-DETC/MECH-1220	Design of Adjustable Spherical Four-Bar Linkages as Continuous Passive Motion Devices for Anatomic Joints Rehabilitation
175	Horvath	Imre	96-DETC/CIE-1326	A Workbench Architecture for Object Oriented Handling of Features
176	Hotchkiss	Anthony	96-DETC/CIE-1460	The Development of a Profile-Milling Program for a Teaching Computer-Aided Manufacturing and NC Programming
177	Howell	Larry L.	96-DETC/MECH-1208	Compliant Parallel-Guiding Mechanism
178	Howell	Larry L.	96-DETC/MECH-1209	Design and Evaluation of Compliant Constant-Force  Mechanisms
179	Howell	Larry L.	96-DETC/MECH-1215	Parametric Deflection Approximations for Initially Curved, Large-Deflection Beams in Compliant Mechanisms
180	Howell	Steven	96-DETC/DFM-1267	A virtual corporation: An interdisciplinary and collaborative undergraduate design experience.
181	Hsu	Cheng-Ho	96-DETC/MECH-1026	The Detection of Embedded Structure in Planetary Gear Trains
182	Hsu	Wensyang	96-DETC/DAC-1050	General Equations of a Helical Spring with a Cup Damper and Static Verification
183	Hsu	Wensyang	96-DETC/DAC-1052	Experimental Study of a Variable Pressure Damper on Automotive Valve Motion
184	Hu	Xinsheng	96-DETC/MECH-1023	Maximum Entropy Method for Optimal Linkage Function Generation
185	Huang	Chintien	96-DETC/MECH-1560	The Cylindroid Associated with Finite Motions of the Bennett Mechanism
186	Huang	Yuan Mao	96-DETC/DAC-1032	Pressure Distributions of Drum Brakes
187	Hui	K. C.	96-DETC/DFM-1407	Data partitioning for parallel intersection of solids.
188	Ider	S. Kemal	96-DETC/MECH-1559	Hybrid Control of Manipulators with Flexible Joints
189	Innocenti	Carlo	96-DETC/MECH-1567	Closed-Form Determination of the Location of a Rigid Body by Seven In-Parallel Linear Transducers
190	Inoue	Keisuke	96-DETC/DAC-1062	Variant Shape Model Applicable to Combined Geometric Tolerances
191	Ishii	Kosuke	96-DETC/CIE-1340	System Behavior Modeling as a Basis for Advanced Failure Modes Analysis
192	Ishii	Kosuke	96-DETC/DAC-1488	Robust Design for Fatigue Performance:  Shot Peening
193	Ishii	Kosuke	96-DETC/DAC-1494	Incorporating Dimensional Requirements into Material Selection and Design of Injection Molded Parts
194	Ishii	Kosuke	96-DETC/DFM-1272	Reverse Fishbone Diagram:  A Tool in Aid of Design for Product Retirement.
195	Ishii	Kosuke	96-DETC/DTM-1610	Design For Variety: A Methodology for Understanding the Costs of Product Proliferation
196	Jakiela	Mark	96-DETC/DAC-1489	Mixed Continuous Variable and Catalog Search Using Genetic Algorithms
197	Jayaram	Sankar	96-DETC/CIE-1347	Using VR for Design and Manufacturing Applications - A Feasibility Study
198	Ji	Zhiming	96-DETC/MECH-1171	Parametric Study of Platform Manipulators
199	Jiang	Tao	96-DETC/DAC-1474	A Systems Approach to Structural Topology Optimization:  Designing Optimal Connections
200	Jin	Yao	96-DETC/MECH-1001	Explicit Solution for the Forward Displacement Analysis of the Stewart Platform Manipulator
201	Johannesson	H.L.	96-DETC/DTM-1528	On The Nature and Consequences of Functional Couplings in Axiomatic Machine Design
202	Juengst	E.W.	96-DETC/DTM-1535	Catalogue Design of Technical Systems Based on a Resource Exchange Paradigm
203	Jung	Seungwook	96-DETC/DAC-1068	Development of CAD System for the Fabrication of LCD/VFD Mask from 2D CAD Data
204	Kanai	Satoshi	96-DETC/DFM-1410	Modeling and NC Programming for Free-Form Surfaces by Haptic Interfaces
205	Kannapan	Srikanth	96-DETC/DFM-1311	Design Considerations for Manufacturability of MEMS Comb Actuators
206	Kapoor	Chetan	96-DETC/FAS-1634	Computer Considerations for Advanced Robotics
207	Kazerounian	Kazem	96-DETC/MECH-1189	Pseudo-Interference Stiffness Estimation in Gear Teeth Contact
208	Kazerounian	Kazem	96-DETC/MECH-1193	Using Chaos to Obtain Global Solutions in Computational Kinematics
209	Kazmer	David	96-DETC/DAC-1600	Quantifying Design and Manufacturing Robustness Through Stochastic Optimization Techniques
210	Kersten	Twan	96-DETC/DTM-1083	MODESSA: A Computer Aided Conceptual Design System
211	Kesavadas	T.	96-DETC/DFM-1268	Augmented Reality Based Interaction: Application to Design and Manufacturing
212	Khosrowjerdi	Mohammad	96-DETC/CIE-1437	Computerized Data Acquisition and Model Prototype Testing
213	Kim	Yong Se	96-DETC/CIE-1341	Feature-Based Assembly Mating Reasoning
214	Kim	Yong Se	96-DETC/CIE-1342	Augmented Convex Decomposition Using Incremental Update for Recognition of Form Features
215	Kinzel	Gary L.	96-DETC/CIE-1459	The Design and Manufacture of Wobble ńStonesî as a Project in a Rapid Design Prototyping Course
216	Knight	Charles E.	96-DETC/CIE-1627	Application of Two-Step Component Mode Synthesis for System Eigensolutions
217	Knoop	Willem G.	96-DETC/DTM-1531	Dependence of Early Engineering Concepts on Information Characteristics
218	Kota	Sridhar	96-DETC/DAC-1497	Optimal Synthesis of Complaint Mechanisms to Meet Structural and Kinematic Requirements-Preliminary Results
219	Kota	Sridhar	96-DETC/MECH-1225	Globally-Optimal Synthesis of Mechanisms for Path Generation Using Simulated Annealing and Powell's Method
220	Krishnamurty	Sundar	96-DETC/MECH-1192	Modified Standard Codes in Enumeration and Automatic Sketching of Mechanisms
221	Kroll	Ehud	96-DETC/DTM-1509	Development of a Disassembly Evaluation Tool
222	Kurakawa	Kei	96-DETC/DTM-1534	The Green Browser:  An Information Sharing Tool For Product Life Cycle Design
223	Langrana	Noshir A.	96-DETC/CIE-1655	Geometry Reconstruction of Vectorized Drawings Consisting of Orthographic Views
224	Langrana	Noshir A.	96-DETC/DFM-1279	Process Improvements in Fused Deposition of Ceramics (FDC): Progress Towards Structurally Sound Components
225	Langrana	Noshir A.	96-DETC/DFM-1306	Virtual mechanical assembly on a PC-based system.
226	Langrana	Noshir A.	96-DETC/DFM-1307	A virtual design of an inspection system.
227	Lankarani	Hamid M.	96-DETC/DAC-1124	Frictional Impact Analysis in Constrained Multibody Systems
228	Larochelle	Pierre	96-DETC/MECH-1187	Synthesis of Planar RR Dyads by Constraint Manifold Projection
229	Laursen	T.A.	96-DETC/CIE-1621	Time Integration of Impact Phenomena in Solid Mechanics: A One-Dimensional Model Problem
230	Lee	Chung-Ching	96-DETC/MECH-1576	On the Generation Synthesis of Movable Octahedral 6R Mechanisms
231	Lee	David E.	96-DETC/DFM-1300	A Coordinated Product and Process Development Environment for Design for Assembly
232	Lee	David E.	96-DETC/FAS-1362	Assembly Modeling and Analysis of Integral Fit Joints for Composite Transportation Structures
233	Lee	Kunwoo	96-DETC/CIE-1324	Efficient Algorithm for Automatic Support Structure Generation in Layered Manufacturing
234	Lee	Kyung-Ho	96-DETC/DAC-1070	Integration of Knowledge-Base and CAD System for Machinery Layout Design of Ships
235	Lee	Soo-Hong	96-DETC/DAC-1072	A Development of Wire Path Searching Module Using Extended RCA Method
236	Lee	Yuan-Shin	96-DETC/DFM-1294	Application of convex hull for tool interference avoidance.
237	Lilley	David	96-DETC/CIE-1349	Fire Modeling
238	Lilley	David	96-DETC/CIE-1350	Computer Programs for Fire Simulation
239	Lim	Chek T.	96-DETC/DAC-1606	Reconstruction of Cross-Sectional Data Using Implicit Solid Modeling
240	Lin	Hong-Chin	96-DETC/DAC-1476	The Skew-Symmetric Property of the Newton-Euler Formulation for Constrained Multibody Systems
241	Lin	Shih-Tin	96-DETC/DAC-1047	Simulation of Multibody Dynamics in AutoCAD
242	Lin	Wanlai	96-DETC/CIE-1357	Numerical Simulation of Complex Geometries
243	Lin	Yuyi	96-DETC/DAC-1493	Modeling of Ram Extrusion Process and Optimal Die Design
244	Linder	Benjamin	96-DETC/DTM-1518	Student Responses to Impromptu Estimation Questions
245	Ling	Zhi-Kui	96-DETC/DAC-1470	Assembly Modeling and Sequence Planning Based on the Kinematics of Features
246	Liou	Frank	96-DETC/FAS-1608	Enabling Technologies for Virtual Parts Handling Environment
247	Lipkin	Harvey	96-DETC/MECH-1165	Vibration Centers for Planar Motion
248	Lipkin	Harvey	96-DETC/MECH-1166	Extension of Euler's Principal Axes to Articulated Inertia
249	Lipkin	Harvey	96-DETC/MECH-1167	Remote Center of Compliance Reconsidered
250	Litvin	Faydor L.	96-DETC/DAC-1469	Computerized Design, Generation and Simulation of Meshing and Contact of Modified Flender Worm-Gear Drives
251	Liu	Melian L.	96-DETC/CIE-1620	Further Studies of General Shells by a Hybrid Strain Based Triangular Elements
252	Lu	Chris J. J.	96-DETC/CIE-1346	Developing the Design Architecture of Life-Cycle Virtual Prototyping Systems Using Extended RCS
253	Luscher	Anthony	96-DETC/DAC-1127	An investigation into the performance of cantilever hook type integral attachment features
254	Ma	Fai	96-DETC/CIE-1622	Generalization of Classical Modal Analysis
255	Ma	Fai	96-DETC/CIE-1626	Simultaneous Triangularization of the Coefficients of Linear Systems
256	Madhusudan	T.N.	96-DETC/DFM-1631	On Synthesis of Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
257	Majerus	John N.	96-DETC/CIE-1616	Blending Hierarchical Economic Decision Matrices (EDM) with FE and Stochastic Modeling. I: Methodology and Refining EDM
258	Majerus	John N.	96-DETC/CIE-1617	Blending Hierarchical Economic Decision Matrices (EDM) with FE and Stochastic Modeling. II: Detailing EDM
259	Malmqvist	Johan	96-DETC/DTM-1529	A Comparative Analysis of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and the Systematic Approach of Pahl and Beitz
260	Manocha	Dinesh	96-DETC/DFM-1296	Computing Boolean Combinations of solids composed of free-form surfaces
261	Marefat	Michael	96-DETC/CIE-1344	Automated Reuse of Solutions in Manufacturing Process Planning through a Case-Based Approach
262	Marti	Kurt	96-DETC/DAC-1458	Stochastic Approximation Methods in Optimal Structural Design
263	Martinez	Jose Maria Rico	96-DETC/MECH-1005	An Efficient Inverse Acceleration Analysis of In-Parallel Manipulators
264	Martinez	Jose Maria Rico	96-DETC/MECH-1015	Geometrical Properties of the Generalized Inverse and Its Application to the Inverse Velocity Analysis of Planar Redundant Manipulators
265	Martinez-Alfaro	Horacio	96-DETC/MECH-1565	Computing Near Optimal Paths in C-space Using Simulated Annealing
266	Mattikalli	Raju	96-DETC/DFM-1315	Assembly Fixture Design - Building a web based tool
267	Mavroidis	Constantinos	96-DETC/MECH-1142	Optimal Sensor Location in Motion Control of Flexibly Supported Long Reach Manipulators
268	Mawussi	Kwamivi	96-DETC/CIE-1318	Feature-Based CAPP System for the Machining of Dies
269	Mayne	Roger W.	96-DETC/DAC-1483	Motion Planning with Convex Swept Volume Segments
270	McCarthy	J. Michael	96-DETC/MECH-1164	Spatial Motion Interpolation in an Image Space of SO(4)
271	Meguid	S.A.	96-DETC/CIE-1613	A New Finite Element Analysis of Frictional Contact Using Nondifferential Optimization
272	Meguid	Shaker A.	96-DETC/FAS-1710	A Newly Developed Algorithm for Treating the Coupled Dynamic Response of Robotic Fixtureless Assembly
273	Mehta	Bhavin V.	96-DETC/CIE-1656	Computer Aided Engineering in the Manufacture of Glass Molds
274	Menon	Jai	96-DETC/DFM-1304	Virtual prototyping of product structure in product data management.
275	Messler	R.W.	96-DETC/DTM-1512	Numerating Possible Design Options for Integral Attachment Design
276	Metwalli	Sayed M.	96-DETC/DAC-1433	CAD and Optimization of Spur and Helical Gear Sets
277	Miao	S.	96-DETC/MECH-1014	An Efficient Algorithm to Determine the Intersection of Simple Polygons for Robot Path Planning
278	Midha	Ashok	96-DETC/MECH-1181	Using Burmester Theory in the Design of Compliant Mechanisms
279	Midha	Ashok	96-DETC/MECH-1182	Analytical and Experimental Investigations of a Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Flexible Cam-Follower Mechanism
280	Mimmi	G.	96-DETC/DAC-1038	Involute Gear Pumps Versus Lobe Pumps: A Comparison
281	Mirth	John	96-DETC/MECH-1185	Two Precision Position Synthesis of Planar Linkages with Positional Rectification
282	Mistree	Farrokh	96-DETC/DAC-1472	Configuring Turbine Propulsion Systems using Robust Concept Exploration
283	Mistree	Farrokh	96-DETC/DAC-1601	Foraging-Directed Adaptive Linear Programming:  An Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Mixed Discrete/Continuous Design Problems
284	Mistree	Farrokh	96-DETC/DTM-1521	Metrics For Assessing Design Freedom and Information Certainty in the Early Stages of Design
285	Mital	Anil	96-DETC/FAS-1632	Choosing Between Manual and Automated Methods for Assembly Operations: A Systematic Procedure
286	Mohamed	Maher Gaber	96-DETC/DAC-1040	A Proposed Configuration for Leg Linkage of a Walking Robot
287	Mohamed	Maher Gaber	96-DETC/MECH-1013	Acceleration Analysis of Platform-Type Manipulators
288	Mukherjee	Sudipto	96-DETC/MECH-1568	Impact Closure of Planar Open Chains
289	Muramatsu	Naoki	96-DETC/DAC-1054	Motion of Top Feed Mechanism of an Industrial Sewing Machine
290	Murray	Andrew P.	96-DETC/MECH-1222	Constraint Manifold Synthesis of Planar Linkages
291	Nahon	Meyer	96-DETC/MECH-1557	Minimizing the Strain Energy for Flexible-Link Cooperating Manipulators
292	Narikawa	Noboru	96-DETC/DFM-1411	Collaborative design system for electromechanical products
293	Niebur	Glen	96-DETC/EIM-1419	A Grammar Driven Data Translation System, for Computer Integrated Manufacturing
294	Nisbett	J. Keith	96-DETC/MECH-1195	A Closed Form Method for Backtracking from a Modified Burmester Curve to a Set of Precision Position
295	Noel	Andre T.	96-DETC/CIE-1618	Solution of Geometrically Nonlinear Problems using Spatial Reference and the P-Version of the FEM
296	Oancea	Victor G.	96-DETC/DFM-1280	A New Numerical Approach to Model Surface Generation Through Wrapping.
297	Ogot	Madara M.	96-DETC/MECH-1226	An Alternative Formulation of the Linkage-Type Long Dwell Mechanism Synthesis Problem
298	Otto	Kevin N.	96-DETC/DFM-1277	Use of injection molding simulation to assess critical dimensions and assign tolerances.
299	Otto	Kevin N.	96-DETC/DTM-1517	Forming Product Design Specifications
300	Pao	Y. C.	96-DETC/CIE-1443	Minimun Requisite of Mathematica for Engineering Analyses
301	Papalambros	Panos	96-DETC/DAC-1088	Optimal Hierarchical Decomposition Synthesis Using Integer Programming
302	Papalambros	Panos	96-DETC/DAC-1086	Hierarchical Decomposition Synthesis in Optimal Systems Design
303	Parenti-Castelli	Vincenzo	96-DETC/MECH-1010	Real-Time Computation of the Actual Posture of the General Geometry 6-6 Fully-Parallel Mechanism Using Two Extra Rotary Sensors
304	Park	Frank Chongwoo	96-DETC/DAC-1060	A Cubic Spline Algorithm on the Rotation Group Using Cayley Parameters
305	Park	Myon-Woong	96-DETC/DAC-1073	Heuristic Modification of Cutting Conditions Using Neural Network
306	Pattison	Will	96-DETC/DTM-1609	Enhancing Design Education With Practical Knowledge Needed in Industry
307	Pegna	Joseph	96-DETC/DAC-1126	Two-Dimensional Sub-Micron Interferometric Detection of Geometric Translation Errors
308	Pegna	Joseph	96-DETC/DAC-1498	Generalized Abbe Principle:  Position Error Propagation in Machine Elements
309	Penev	Kamen	96-DETC/CIE-1343	A Potential Field Algorithm for Fixture Synthesis in 2D
310	Pennock	Gordon	96-DETC/MECH-1146	The Forward Position Problem of Two PUMA-Type Robots Manipulating a Bennett Linkage Payload
311	Peplinski	Jesse D.	96-DETC/DTM-1502	Integrating Product Design With Manufacturing Process Design Using the Robust Concept Exploration Method
312	Peters	Thomas J.	96-DETC/CIE-1335	Relations Between Features „ Prototyping Object-Oriented Language Extensions on an Industrial Example
313	Petersen	Harry C.	96-DETC/CIE-1457	Spreadsheet Simulation for Quick Manufacturing Analysis
314	Pham	Binh	96-DETC/CIE-1333	Integration of Aesthetic Intents to CAD Systems
315	Phan	Minh Q.	96-DETC/MECH-1219	Synthesis of Four-Bar Function Generators by an Iterative Learning Control Procedure
316	Ploen	Scott	96-DETC/MECH-1160	A Coordinate Invariant Formulation of the Dynamics of Cooperating Robot Systems
317	Podhorodeski	Ron	96-DETC/MECH-1018	Optimization-Based Grashof-Mechanism Synthesis via Sub-Type Specific Parameter Transforms
318	Pohlhammer	Christopher	96-DETC/FAS-1364	Preliminary Experiments on Using Direct Calibration as an Approach for Automated Windshield Loading
319	Prasad	Biren	96-DETC/EIM-1422	Total Value Management - A new Trend Beyond TQM
320	Radcliffe	David F.	96-DETC/DTM-1082	Experiencing Product Realisation on the World Wide Web
321	Rangan	Ravi	96-DETC/EIM-1426	Implementing Best Practices for Engineering Processes
322	Rastegar	J.	96-DETC/MECH-1175	Design of a Cleaning and Homogenization Robot for Large Oil Storage Tanks
323	Rastegar	J.	96-DETC/MECH-1176	Trajectory Pattern Method Based Trajectory Synthesis and Inverse Dynamics Formulation for Minimal Vibrational Excitation for Flexible Structures
324	Rastegar	J.	96-DETC/MECH-1177	Trajectory Pattern Based Simultaneous Kinematic and Dynamic Optimal Design of High Speed Manipulators
325	Ravani	Bahram	96-DETC/DAC-1496	A Three Dimensional Generalization of Medical Axis Transform Based on Line Geometry with Appl. in Theory of Gearing
326	Ravani	Bahram	96-DETC/MECH-1155	Design of Tactile Fixtures for Robotics and Manufacturing
327	Reddy	Sudhakar Y.	96-DETC/DAC-1089	Hider:  A Methodology for Early-Stage Exploration of Design Space
328	Reddy	Sudhakar Y.	96-DETC/DTM-1499	Constraint Management Methodology for Conceptual Design Tradeoff Studies
329	Reddy	Vijay	96-DETC/MECH-1179	Investigation into the Experimental and Numerical Simulation of a Shaping Machine
330	Regli	William C.	96-DETC/DFM-1285	What are feature interactions?
331	Rezayat	Mohsen	96-DETC/CIE-1652	Midsurface Abstraction from 3D Solid Models for Engineering Analysis
332	Rhode	David	96-DETC/CIE-1354	Computations of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Staggered Tube Banks
333	Rhode	David	96-DETC/CIE-1355	Eccentricity Effect of a Coolant inlet Labyrinth Seal for Turbine Wheelspace Cavities
334	Riley	Peregrine	96-DETC/MECH-1008	Workspace Cusp Locations, and Simplified Workspace Boundary Equations for General RRR Regional Structures of Manipulators
335	Riley	Peregrine	96-DETC/MECH-1009	Alternative Inverse Kinematic Equations for General RRP and RRR Regional Structures of Manipulators
336	Rocheleau	David	96-DETC/MECH-1154	Camera Positioning Mechanism for ARIE: An Autonomous Mobile Robot
337	Rosen	David W.	96-DETC/CIE-1345	An Approach to Virtual Prototyping for Product Disassembly
338	Rosen	David W.	96-DETC/DAC-1485	Design of Modular Product Architectures in Discrete Design Spaces Subject to Life Cycle Issues
339	Rosen	David W.	96-DETC/DTM-1516	Implications of Modularity on Product Design For the Life Cycle
340	Roth	Bernard	96-DETC/MECH-1147	The Effects of Actuation Schemes on the Kinematic Performance of Manipulators
341	Roth	Bernard	96-DETC/MECH-1153	On the Geometry of Spatial Polygons and Screw Polygons
342	Roy	Rajkumar	96-DETC/DAC-1449	Qualitative Evaluation of Engineering Designs using Fuzzy Logic
343	Roy	Rajkumar	96-DETC/DAC-1455	Sensitivity Analysis of Engineering Designs Using Taguchi's Methodology
344	Rudolph	Stephan	96-DETC/DTM-1530	On A Mathematical Foundation of Axiomatic Design
345	Ruecker	Lukas	96-DETC/DTM-1515	Capturing Design Rationale in Engineering Contexts
346	Rumpf	R.	96-DETC/EIM-1421	 Effects of Collocation On the Integrated Product Team and The Impact On Cost Schedule and Risk...
347	Sacks	Elisha	96-DETC/DAC-1490	Parametric Kinematic Tolerance Analysis of Planar Pairs with Multiple Contacts
348	Sadler	J. Peter	96-DETC/DAC-1480	Multiple Criteria Optimization of Finish Turning Operations Based on a Hybrid Model
349	Sanchez	Lilia A.	96-DETC/CIE-1436	Computer Prediction of Anthropometric Frame Size in Children
350	Sanchez	Lilia A.	96-DETC/MECH-1157	Determination of Translation Component of Screw Axis from Double-Exposure Holographic Interferograms
351	Santiago	J.M.	96-DETC/CIE-1614	Determination of Reflection and Transmission Coefficients in Rigidly Connected Beams Using Timoshenko Beam Theory
352	Schmidt	Linda C.	96-DETC/DTM-1511	Configuration Design:  An Integrated Approach Using Grammars
353	Schonherr	Jurgen	96-DETC/MECH-1016	Cam Motion Synthesis for Mixed Motion Constrains Using Well-Behaved Polynomials of High Order
354	Sebaaly	Milad	96-DETC/CIE-1322	Automatic Assembly Sequence Planning With Fuzzy Graph Representation and Genetic Search
355	Sebaaly	Milad F.	96-DETC/DFM-1409	Genetic Planner to Support DFA Assemblability Evaluation: Insights on Integrated Design and Planning for Assembly
356	Seering	Warren P.	96-DETC/DTM-1522	Validation Studies of an Information-Flow Model of Design
357	Segapeli	Jean-Luc	96-DETC/DAC-1429	An Artificial Intelligence Based Algorithm for Object-oriented Design
358	Sellgren	Ulf	96-DETC/EIM-1132	A Survey of PDM Implementation Projects in Selected Swedish Industries
359	Shabana	A.A.	96-DETC/MECH-1186	Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibrations of Three Dimensional Multibody Tracked Vehicles
360	Shah	Jami	96-DETC/DFM-1303	Machining Algebra for Mapping Volumes to Machining Operations
361	Shah	Jami J.	96-DETC/DAC-1481	Representation and Mapping of Geometric Dimensions from Design to Manufacturing
362	Sharatchandra	M.C.	96-DETC/CIE-1356	Thermal Aspects in a Novel Micropumping Device
363	Shen	Huiping	96-DETC/MECH-1030	A Numerical Method and Automatic Generation for Determining the Assemblage Configurations of Complex Planar Linkages Based on the Ordered Single-Opened-Chains
364	Shimomura	Yoshiki	96-DETC/DTM-1532	Functional Evaluation Based on Function Content
365	Shoham	Moshe	96-DETC/MECH-1561	Construction of a Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Parallel Manipulator with Three Planarly Actuated Links
366	Shpitalni	M.	96-DETC/DAC-1037	Two-Stage Algorithm for Rapid Determination of the Bending Sequence in Sheet Metal Products
367	Shu	Lily	96-DETC/DFM-1274	A Representation for Life-Cycle Fastening and Joining Cost Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
368	Shu	Lily H.	96-DETC/DAC-1487	Reliability Modeling in Design for Remanufacture
369	Shung	John B.	96-DETC/DAC-1468	Dynamic Analysis of Trochoidal-Type Machine
370	Singh	Harpal	96-DETC/MECH-1003	Workspace Representation of Parallel Manipulators Using the Finite Twist Method
371	Sinha	Sarvajit	96-DETC/DFM-1293	Part to art.
372	Smaili	Ahmad	96-DETC/MECH-1180	Experimental and Finite Element Modal Analysis of Planar Mechanisms with Three-Dimensional Geometries
373	Smaili	Ahmad	96-DETC/MECH-1184	Active Control of Elastodynamic Vibrations of a Four-Bar Mechanism System with a Smart Coupler Link Using Optimal Multivariable Control:  Experimental Implementation
374	Smaili	Ahmad	96-DETC/MECH-1204	Robomech-III: A Stack of Three Four-Bar Chains for Triple-Function Task Applications
375	Smith	David	96-DETC/MECH-1163	The Kinematics of Active Surfaces: Hyper-redundant In-parallel Manipulators
376	Smith	Steven	96-DETC/DFM-1288	Plan-based evaluation of designs for microwave modules.
377	Snyman	Jan	96-DETC/DAC-1447	Optimum Energy Design of a Planar Robotic Manipulator
378	Sobek	Durward K.	96-DETC/DTM-1510	Principles From Toyota's Set-Based Concurrent Engineering Process
379	Sodhi	Raj	96-DETC/FAS-1365	Simulation Modeling for Assembly of Snap Fitting Joints
380	Song	Shin-Min Simon	96-DETC/MECH-1227	Trajectory Planning Methods for Conservative Motion of Redundant Manipulators
381	Song	Shin-Min Simon	96-DETC/MECH-1555	Adhesive Performance of Quadruped Walking Vehicle with Pantograph Legs
382	Soni	A.H.	96-DETC/FAS-1367	Reconfigurable System Analysis for Agile Manufacturing
383	Soni	A.H.	96-DETC/FAS-1368	A Critical Review of Tube and Sheet Metal Hydroforming Technology
384	Soni	A.H.	96-DETC/FAS-1369	A Finite Element Model for Hydroforming Parts with Rigid Tolerances
385	Soni	A.H.	96-DETC/FAS-1400	A Finite Element Model for Hydroforming of Sheet Metal Parts in Auto Body Assembly
386	Soni	A.H.	96-DETC/FAS-1633	Flexible Grippers Synthesis Based on Kinematic Mobility Analysis
387	Soto	Ciro A	96-DETC/DAC-1477	Structural Topology Optimization for Forced Frequency Vibrations
388	Sreenivasan	S.V.	96-DETC/MECH-1137	Kinematic Geometry of Wheeled Vehicle Systems
389	Sreenivasan	S.V.	96-DETC/MECH-1138	Force Distribution Characteristics of Actively Reconfigurable Wheeled Vehicle Systems
390	Sturges	Robert	96-DETC/DFM-1313	Value Implications of Green Design: Case study of a Videocassette
391	Sturges	Robert H.	96-DETC/FAS-1361	An Analysis of Multiple Peg-in-Hole Insertion Tasks
392	Suchora	D. H.	96-DETC/CIE-1612	Impact Analysis of a Dropped Object Using Static Finite Element Software
393	Sun	X.	96-DETC/CIE-1628	A Combined Analytical and Numerical Approach for the Solution of an Edge Loaded Semi-Infinite Elastic Sheet
394	Sze	K.Y.	96-DETC/CIE-1619	An Eighteen-Node Solid Element for Thin Plate/Shell Analysis
395	Szykman	Simon	96-DETC/DAC-1482	Combining Interactive Exploration and Optimization for Assembly Design
396	Szykman	Simon	96-DETC/DTM-1520	Improving the Design Process by Predicting Downstream Value of Design Attributes
397	Tan	S.T.	96-DETC/DAC-1055	Tolerance Modeling of Engineering Surfaces: A 2D Approach by Means of Fractal Superposition
398	Tan	S.T.	96-DETC/DAC-1056	Computer-Aided Modelling of Cloth Deformation
399	Tan	S.T.	96-DETC/DAC-1058	Parting Line Formation by Slicing a Trimmed Surface Model
400	Tanabe	Makoto	96-DETC/CIE-1624	Finite Element Analysis of Rotational Contact-Impact Behavior of a Geared Rotor System
401	Tang	Xiaodong D.	96-DETC/CIE-1651	Finite Element Analysis of Automotive Structures Based on Simplified Models
402	Tangelder	Johan, W. H.	96-DETC/DFM-1408	Computation of Voxel Maps Containing Tool Access Directions for Machining Free-Form Shapes
403	Tappeta	Ravindra	96-DETC/EIM-1423	A Comparision of Equality constraint formulations for Concurrent Design Optimization
404	Tateno	T.	96-DETC/CIE-1328	Tool Operation Based Operation Force Teaching: Extracting Force Control Strategy From Human's Work in Virtual Environment
405	Taylor	Dean	96-DETC/DTM-1500	Process Metrics for Asynchronous Concurrent Engineering
406	Tetambe	Ravi	96-DETC/CIE-1615	Elastic Stress Concentration Factors (Kt) by Stress Gradient Method using FEA
407	Thornton	Anna C.	96-DETC/DTM-1506	The Identification and Use of Key Characteristics in the Product Development Process
408	Thummel	Thomas	96-DETC/MECH-1572	Active Balancing of Joint Forces in High-speed Linkages by Redundant Drives and Learning Control
409	Tidwell	Paul H.	96-DETC/MECH-1211	Synthesis of Force-Generating mechanisms
410	Tiegel	Oliver	96-DETC/EIM-1402	Conceptual Product Development
411	Ting	Kwan-Lon	96-DETC/FAS-1363	Classification, Rotatability and Branch Identification in Simple RCRCR Mechanisms
412	To	C.W.S.	96-DETC/CIE-1623	Transient Response Analysis of Geometrically Nonlinear Composite Laminated Shell Structures
413	Trika	Sanjeev N.	96-DETC/DFM-1308	Iterative part design with a virtual reality interface.
414	Tsai	Jhy-Cherng	96-DETC/DAC-1053	Geometric Tolerance Analysis for Mechanism Design
415	Tsai	Lung-Wen	96-DETC/MECH-1152	A Parallel Manipulator with Only Translational Degrees of Freedom
416	Tsai	Lung-Wen	96-DETC/MECH-1202	Systematic Enumeration of 1:-1 Constant-Velocity Shaft Couplings
417	Tsai	Lung-Wen	96-DETC/MECH-1554	Dynamic Analysis Geared Robotic Mechanisms Using Graph Theory
418	Tsai	Ming	96-DETC/MECH-1558	A Study on the Grasp Synthesis Using the Line Geometry
419	Tso	Pei-Lum	96-DETC/MECH-1025	Computer-Aided Synthesis of Linkage-Type Straight-Line and Dwell Mechanisms
420	Ullman	David G.	96-DETC/DTM-1508	Team-Roles in Mechanical Design
421	Vallhagen	Johan	96-DETC/DAC-1432	Axiomatic Design Applied to Manufacturing Systems Design
422	van Elsas	P.A.	96-DETC/CIE-1332	Creation and Manipulation of Complex Displacement Features During the Conceptual Phase of Design
423	van Keulen	Fred	96-DETC/DAC-1451	Recent Refinements in the Multi-point Approximation Method in Conjunction with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
424	Van Zeir	Geert	96-DETC/CIE-1317	 An Interactive Capp Kernel Based on a Blackboard System Architecture
425	Veeramani	Raj	96-DETC/CIE-1339	Optimal Process Planning for Four-Axis Turning Centers
426	Venkataraman	P.	96-DETC/DAC-1492	Feature Based Problems in Inverse Airfoil Design
427	Veshagh	Ali	96-DETC/CIE-1330	Computation of Radiative Heat Transfer in a Cylindrical Enclosure
428	Waldron	Kenneth J.	96-DETC/MECH-1159	Steering Algorithms for an Actively Configurable Wheeled Vehicle
429	Wampler	Charles	96-DETC/MECH-1210	Isotropic Coordinates, Circularity, and Bezout Numbers: Planar Kinematics from a New Perspective
430	Wang	Aihu	96-DETC/DAC-1043	A Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Rectangular Packing Based on Bintree Expression
431	Wang	Ben	96-DETC/DFM-1282	Design for Disassembly to Minimize Recycle Costs
432	Wang	Ben	96-DETC/DFM-1299	Integrated Product and Process Design for Polymer Composite Parts.
433	Wang	Cheng-Hua	96-DETC/DFM-1292	Compact 2D pattern development from 3d polygonal surfaces.
434	Wang	Gou-Jen	96-DETC/CIE-1327	Neural-Taguchi Method for Robust Design
435	Wang	Qingwen	96-DETC/DAC-1045	A New Approach to CE by Multifunctional Mapping Process
436	Wang	Sern-Hong	96-DETC/DAC-1605	Stepper Motor Driven Four-Bar:  Dynamic Modeling and Synthesis
437	Wang	Shih-Liang	96-DETC/MECH-1151	On Force and Motion Control of Serial-Parallel Robots
438	Wang	Yanqing	96-DETC/CIE-1607	A Novel Object-Oriented Graphical Approach to CAPP Based on Engineering Drawings
439	Wang	Yu	96-DETC/MECH-1190	Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Mechanisms with Clearances
440	Ward	Allen C.	96-DETC/DTM-1503	Industrial Applications of Conceptual Robustness
441	Ward	Allen C.	96-DETC/DTM-1513	A Set-Based Approach to Stamping Designs
442	Ward	Allen C.	96-DETC/DTM-1550	Quantified Relations:  A Class of Predicate Logic Design Constraints Among Sets of Manufacturing, Operating, and Other Variations
443	Wearring	Colin A.	96-DETC/CIE-1653	The Functional Feature Model: Bridging the CAD/CAM Gap
444	Wieger	Tjamme	96-DETC/DTM-1533	Required and Requested Information During Conceptual Engineering Design as Found By Categorization of Empirical Data
445	Williams	Robert L.	96-DETC/MECH-1168	Follow-the-Leader Control for the Payload Inspection and Processing System
446	Williams	Robert L.	96-DETC/MECH-1169	Control of Truss-Based Manipulators using Virtual Serial Models
447	Williams	Robert L.	96-DETC/MECH-1197	Kinetostatic Analysis for the Ross Yoke-Drive Stirling Engine
448	Wood	Kristin L.	96-DETC/DFM-1275	Characteristic Measures for the Representation of Manufactured Surface Quality
449	Wood	Kristin L.	96-DETC/DFM-1276	The effect of a fractal profile tolerance on the dynamic performance of cams.
450	Wood	Kristin L.	96-DETC/DTM-1507	Design for Assembly Techniques in Reverse Engineering and Redesign
451	Wood	Kristin L.	96-DETC/DTM-1523	A Reverse Engineering and Redesign Methodology for Product Evolution
452	Wood	Stephen L.	96-DETC/DFM-1281	Design reasoning using plastic injection molding primary features
453	Wood	Stephen L.	96-DETC/DFM-1301	Function Driven Design Selection of Plastic Injection Molding Features
454	Worth	Ronald K.	96-DETC/DAC-1129	Thermal Analysis of a New Metal-Deposition Rapid Prototyping Process
455	Wright	Paul	96-DETC/DFM-1286	A knowledge-based system for machining operation planning in feature-based manufacturing.
456	Xin	Chen	96-DETC/DAC-1061	Updating Finite Element Model of Combined Structures on the Basis of Dynamic Test Results
457	Xirouchakis	Paul	96-DETC/CIE-1323	A Modeling and Design Method for Flexible Manufacturing System Controller Software
458	Xu	Li-Ju	96-DETC/DAC-1465	A Direct Displacement Solution to the Dodecahedron Variable Geometry Truss Manipulator
459	Xue	Deyi	96-DETC/DAC-1526	Identification of the Optimal Product Configuration and Parameters for Improving Manufacturability
460	Yamamura	Akira	96-DETC/DFM-1415	Kitchen Layout Design in Virtual Environments
461	Yan	Hong-Sen	96-DETC/MECH-1577	A Methodology for the Configuration Synthesis of Machining Centers with Automatic Tool Changer
462	Yang	Feng-Chao	96-DETC/EIM-1133	Design and Implementation of An Object Oriented Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving Shell
463	Yang	Gyun-Eui	96-DETC/DAC-1071	Optimal Rough Cutting Tool Path on Cross Sections of Sculptured Surface
464	Yang	Li-Farn	96-DETC/MECH-1571	Dynamics and Control of an Adaptive Disk Suspension System Under Inertial Loading
465	Yang	Ren-Jye	96-DETC/DAC-1478	Spot Weld/Adhesive Pattern Optimization
466	Yang	Ting-Li	96-DETC/MECH-1031	Finding All Solutions to Approximate Synthesis of Planar Linkages for Function Generation, Rigid-Body Guidance and Path Generation
467	Yang	Ting-Li	96-DETC/MECH-1551	A New Method and Automatic Generation for Kinematic Error Analysis of Complex Planar Mechanisms Based on the Ordered Single-Open-Chains
468	Yang	Ting-Li	96-DETC/MECH-1552	A New Method for Displacement Analysis of Multi-loop Spatial Linkages Based on Ordered Simple-Opened-Chains
469	Yang	Ting-Li	96-DETC/MECH-1553	Complete Shaking Force and Shaking Moment Balancing of 10 Types Six Bar Eight Bar Linkages
470	Yang	Ting-Li	96-DETC/MECH-1574	A New Method for Full Shaking Force Balancing of Planar Linkages by a Few Finite Positions
471	Yang	Ting-Li	96-DETC/MECH-1578	Configuration Analysis of a Class of Parallel Structures Using Improved Constituation
472	Yau	Hong-Tzong	96-DETC/DAC-1048	General Form Tolerance Evaluation Using Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines
473	Yongxiang	Yu	96-DETC/DAC-1046	An Octree Algorithm for Dynamic Interference Detection Using Space Partitioning
474	Yoshimura	Masataka	96-DETC/DAC-1057	Flexible Optimization of Machine Products Considering the Working Environment
475	Yu	Jun	96-DETC/DAC-1051	Temperature Field Analysis of the Main Bearing of Cold Rolling Mill by Finite Element Method
476	Yu	Peng	96-DETC/CIE-1316	SKY: A Hypermedia Intelligent Developent Environment for Scheme Design
477	Zefran	Milos	96-DETC/MECH-1148	Choice of Riemannian Metrics for Rigid Body Kinematics
478	Zhang	Jian	96-DETC/EIM-1424	Architectures of Concurrent Engineering System for Composites
479	Zhang	W.	96-DETC/MECH-1575	A Proposed Model for Stochastic Vibration Analysis of Gear Transmission Systems
480	Zhang	W.J.	96-DETC/MECH-1029	A New Class of Linkage with Synthesis Method for Exact Dwell Motion at 1-2 Limit Positions of Output Link
481	Zhang	Xianmin	96-DETC/MECH-1573	Stability Analysis of Multi-Bar Elastic Linkage Mechanisms
482	Zhang	Yi	96-DETC/MECH-1201	A Tooth Contact Analysis Model for Crossed Axis Helical Gears under Load
483	Zhou	Ji	96-DETC/DAC-1049	A Primal-Dual Interior-Point QP Method and Its Extension for Engineering Optimization
484	Zou	Hong-Lou	96-DETC/MECH-1198	Numerical Formulation for Computing Design Propagations of the Spatial Slider-Crank Mechanism