Draft Conference Layout

Conference Layout

Session/Room Crystal Cove Aud (395) Monarch Bay A (150) Monarch Bay B (200) Emerald Bay A (120) Emerald Bay B (120) Emerald Bay C (120) Emerald Bay D (60) Emerald Bay E (60) Crescent Bay A (30) Crescent Bay B (30) Salt Creek A (30) Salt Creek B (30) Cross Cultural Center (60)
Monday DTM CIE A Mech A Mech B DAC A DFM Mech C DAC B FAS Mech D DAC C CIE B Mtgs
M1 8:00-9:20am Creating Integrated Product Specifications (DTM 01) Object-oriented Feature Modeling (CIE 01) Manipulator Applications (Mech 01) Flexible Mechanisms (Mech 13) Optimization-based Design and Manufacturing (DAC 01) Computer Support for Multidisciplinary Collaboration (DFM 01) Planar Mechanism Synthesis I (Mech 25) Conceptual Design Methodologies (DAC 12) -- -- Rapid Prototyping and CAM (DAC 23) Simulation and Fuzzy Logic (CIE 13) --
M2 10:30-11:50am Life Cycle Design (DTM 02) Assembly Features and Systems (CIE 02) Manipulator Design I (Mech 02) Compliant Mechanisms (Mech 14) Panel Session: Industry Review of Design Automation (DAC 02) Design for Disassembly (DFM 02) Planar Mechanism Synthesis II (Mech 26) Manufacturing Systems and Design (DAC 13) Industry Research Needs in Flexible Assembly (FAS 01) Mechanism Design Contest I (Mech 39) Genetic Algorithms (DAC 24) Modeling of Fires, Combustion and Particulates (CIE 14) JMD Editorial Board Meeting (Mtg 02)
M3 2:00-3:20pm Computational Synthesis (DTM 03) Panel: Computer Aided Engineering in the Age of the Internet (CIE 03) Manipulator Design II (Mech 03) Computer-aided Design of Mechanisms I (Mech 15) Knowledge and Object Oriented Systems (DAC 03) Design-Manufacturing Integration (DFM 03) Planar Mechanism Synthesis III (Mech 27) Multibody Systems (DAC 14) Assembly Planning (FAS 02) -- Automotive and Machine Elements (DAC 25) Flow and Heat Transfer Simulation(CIE 15) Mechanisms Committee Meeting (Mtg 03)
M4 3:30-4:50pm Modularity, Assemblability, and Reverse Engineering (DTM 04) Geometric Modeling and Analysis (CIE 04) Cooperating Manipulators (Mech 04) Computer-aided Design of Mechanisms II (Mech 16) Design for Re/Manufacture (DAC 04) Methods in Physical Prototyping and Disassembly (DFM 04) Planar Mechanism Synthesis IV (Mech 28) Motion Planning and Collision Detection (DAC 15) Agile Assembly Systems (FAS 03) Mechanism Design Contest II (Mech 40) Gears (DAC 26) Numerical Analysis and Flowfield Simulation (CIE 16) DTM Committee Meeting
Tuesday DTM CIE A Mech A Mech B DAC A DFM Mech C DAC B FAS Mech D EIM CIE B Mtgs
T1 8:00-9:20am Formal Methods (DTM 05) Feature Recognition (CIE 05) Manipulator Path Planning (Mech 05) Engines and Compressors (Mech 17) Optimal Structural Design (DAC 05) Distributed Computing and Parallelization for Design and Manufacturing (DFM 05) Planar Mechanism Synthesis V (Mech 29) Dynamic Modeling and Simulation (DAC 16) Flexible Grippers in Assembly (FAS 04) Parallel Manipulator Kinematics I (Mech 36) Groupware and Information Management (EIM 01) Applied Computational Mechanics (CIE 17)
T2 10:30-11:50am Information Flow in Product Development (DTM 06) Feature-Based Process Planning (CIE 06) Manipulator Workspace (Mech 06) Cam Mechanisms (Mech 18) Tolerance Modeling and Analysis (DAC 06) CAD and Planning Integration I (DFM 06) Kinematic Theory I (Mech 30) Design and Concurrent Engineering Applications (DAC 17) Tolerances in Flexible Assembly (FAS 05) Parallel Manipulator Kinematics II (Mech 37) Engineering Process Modeling - An Enterprise Perspective (EIM 02) Innovative Applications of Finite Element Analysis (CIE 18)
T3 2:00-3:20pm Information and Communication in Design (DTM 07) Computer Integrated Industrial Design (CIE 07) Mobile Robots I (Mech 07) Geared Mechanisms I (Mech 19) Critical Issues in CAD/CAM: A Perspective from Korean Manufacturing I (DAC 07) CAD and Planning Integration II (DFM 07) Kinematic Theory II (Mech 31) Robust Design Methods (DAC 18) -- Parallel Manipulator Kinematics III (Mech 38) Advances in Engineering Information Modeling (EIM 03) Recent Developments in Shell and Solid Finite Elements (CIE 19)
T4 3:30-4:50pm Design Education and Implications (DTM 08) Knowledge-Based and Non-Traditional Computing Systems (CIE 08) Mobile Robots II (Mech 08) Geared Mechanisms II (Mech 20) Critical Issues in CAD/CAM: A Perspective from Korean Manufacturing II (DAC 08) Free-form Modeling for Design and Manufacture of Sculptured Parts I (DFM 08) Kinematic Theory III (Mech 32) Finite Element and Sensitivity Analysis (DAC 19) -- Panel Session (DFM 17) Panel: Issues in providing Information Management (EIM 04) CAD in Higher Education (CIE 20)
Wednesday DTM CIE A Mech A Mech B DAC A DFM Mech C DAC B DFM B DAC C CIE B Mtgs
W1 8:00-9:20am Industrial Applications: Analysis and Consequences (DTM 09) Geometric Reasoning for Manufacturing (CIE 09) Manipulator Dynamics and Control (Mech 09) Mechanism Applications (Mech 21) Decomposition and Layout in Optimal Design (DAC 09) Free-form Modeling for Design and Manufacture of Sculptured Parts, II (DFM 09) Planar Mechanisms (Mech 33) Geometric Modeling (DAC 20) -- Virtual Reality in DFM (DFM 13) Robotic Manipulators (DAC 27) Computer Aided Engineering and Concurrent Engineering (CIE 21) DED Executive Committee
W2 10:30-11:50am Functional Methods in Design (DTM 10) Panel: Virtual Systems and Environments (CIE 10) Parallel Manipulator Applications (Mech 10) Mechanism Balancing (Mech 22) Geometric Dimensioning and Errors (DAC 10) Integrated Product and Process Engineering: Environments and Tools (DFM 10) Spherical Mechanisms (Mech 34) Mechanism Analysis and Synthesis (DAC 21) -- DFM for Micro-electromechanical Systems (DFM 14) Structural Design, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (DAC 28) PC-Based Data Acquisition in the Classroom (CIE 22) DED Executive Committee
W3 2:00-3:20pm -- Virtual Prototyping Systems (CIE 11) Parallel Manipulator Control (Mech 11) Mechanism Dynamics I (Mech 23) Machines and Manufacturing Processes (DAC 11) Virtual Design and Prototyping (DFM 11) Spatial Mechanism Analysis (Mech 35) Assembly and Packaging (DAC 22) -- Assembly Design--Product and Process (DFM 15) Industrial Applications (DAC 29) New Advances in Computational Solid Mechanics (CIE 23) DED General Meeting
W4 3:30-4:50pm -- Virtual Environments for Design and Manufacturing (CIE 12) Parallel Manipulator Design (Mech 12) Mechanism Dynamics II (Mech 24) -- Interfaces in Virtual Design and Manufacture (DFM 12) -- -- -- Design Integration (DFM 16) -- Topics in Computational Mechanics (CIE 24) DED General Meeting