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Mechanical Design in Practice

The process of prototype development is a research exercise that expands a companies intellectual property. If it results in a commitment to development, then the process of detailed design and manufacture begins.

Detailed Design

Because the goal is a marketable product, detailed design must be performed under control, which means that it must be done in compliance with the company's quality manual and associated standard operating procedures and work instructions.

Detailed design begins with a set of requirements that characterize the desired product called the design input. The set of part specifications and drawings are called the design output.

A process that verifies that the design output satisfy the design requirements is called verification testing. While there are many ways to organize the detailed design process it must have an input, an output and a verification process.

The following presentations address various issues important to detailed design. They are in PowerPoint format, and both a web version and the .ppt file are provided.

Engineering Project Development

Configuration Management: This presentation describes the basic principles for defining and managing the documentation that define parts, subassemblies and assemblies that form a product. Select here for the .ppt file.

Dimensions: This presentation describes the basic conventions for dimensions that define the size and shape of a part in an engineering drawing. Select here for the .ppt file.

Geometric Tolerances: This presentation describes the basic principles of geometric tolerancing which define the form, orientation and position of features in part. Select here for the .ppt file.

Risk Analysis: This presentation describes the basic principles of hazard analysis which identifies hazards, risk levels and mitigation. Select here for the .ppt file.