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Geometric Design of Linkages is available as Volume 11 of Springer-Verlag's series on Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics (Systems and Control). The table of contents is listed below.

Each chapter connects to a gallery of electronic versions of the 100 figures in this text representing planar, spherical and spatial linkages and the kinematic synthesis theory for these devices. The line drawings are in black and white. However, the illustrations are in color.

Gallery of Images of GDL Figures (download for classroom use):

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Analysis of Planar Linkages

Chapter 3: Graphical Synthesis in the Plane

Chapter 4: Planar Kinematics

Chapter 5: Algebraic Synthesis of Planar Chains

Chapter 6: Analysis of Spherical Linkages

Chapter 7: Spherical Kinematics

Chapter 8: Algebraic Synthesis of Spherical Chains

Chapter 9: Analysis of Spatial Chains

Chapter 10: Spatial Kinematics

Chapter 11: Algebraic Synthesis of Spatial Chains

Chapter 12: Platform Manipulators

Appendix: Graphical Constructions

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