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Project description

Synthetica is a Java program that is used to synthesize, analyze and simulate spatial linkages. The open architecture is intended to allow advanced users to add Java code to the system.

Pictures: Description
Launching figure

Synthetica Desktop
3PSP linkage approximating a trajectory
A symmetric 3RPS linkage

3RPS linkage approximating a trajectory

2TPR linkage approximating a trajectory

Demo movies File Size
Create an RRR spatial linkage and analyze it. RRRAnalysisDemo.gif Animation showing RRR chain analysis 5.9Mb
Synthesize an RR and an TS linkage. Then combine them into 1 dof an RR-TS linkage and animate it. RRTSDesignDemo.gif Animation showing RRTS design 11.8Mb

System requirements

  1. OpenGL 1.1 or later. Check if the following files are located in your system or system32 folder: opengl32.dll, glu32.dll, glut32.dll.
  2. JavaVM(Java virtual machine) 1.3.1 or later. Check if the following folder "C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3.x_xx exists in your system.
  3. GL4Java. GL4Java is an OpenGL package for Java programs.
Downloads: Description
Java Application for Windows (17MB) The application has full functionality.
Java Application for Mac OS X  Under development.

Documentation File Size
Documentation of Synthetica Java packages and classes for application development. SYNTHETICA API Reference
ASME DETC 2002 paper MECH-34371.pdf 821kb
ASME DETC 2002 presentation Presentation for 2002 ASME DETC Conference 646kb