Computer Aided Linkage Synthesis


Mechanical Design 101

Bernard Roth Symposium

Mechanical Design 101

Our latest work on the Computer-Aided Linkage Synthesis can be found on the Linkage Synthesis page of Mechanical Design 101.

Kinematic Synthesis of Robots

We are developing new theoretical and software methodologies for the design of specialized robotic systems that provide leveraged spatial movement to accomplish a desired range of tasks.

Classwork in Linkage Design

This is a collection of Mathematica notebooks and animations generated by my undergraduate students for the class MAE 183 Computer Aided Design of Mechanisms.

ASME DETC 2002 Special Session on Computer Aided Linkage Synthesis

These papers were presented at the Special Session on Computer Aided Linkage Synthesis at the ASME Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, October 2002, Montreal, Canada.

The Geometric Design of Linkages

This is a gallery of figures for my book on the kinematic synthesis theory for planar, spherical and spatial serial open chains. Given a workspace specified by a finite set of positions, the constraint equations that characterize the toplogy of the chain are formulated and solved to determine its physical dimensions.

Synthetica 3.0 release

This is the latest version of HaiJun Su's Java-OpenGL system for the computer aided design of spatial serial chains. Please give this software a try and report back your experiences.