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Mechanical Design in Practice

The design, development and production of a successful mechanical system can be viewed as consisting of the three phases:

  1. prototype development,
  2. detailed design and manufacture, and
  3. production and customer service.

Prototype development is the outcome of a design process that begins with a client-based goal statement and a set of requirements that are characterized as wishes and demands.

From this beginning a design team generates a range of concepts, which are decomposed to define technical features that characterize the concepts. Information gathered from research, analysis and experimentation is used to define the space of options for these technical features.

Finally, three conceptual prototypes are assembled for client evaluation that illustrate the range of options. The client may select a conceptual prototype, or construct another one, or revise the requirements to expand or contract the space of options, which may require another cycle of goal statement, requirements and conceptual prototypes.

This process concludes with a set of product requirements and a commitment to development. This process has been applied to the following projects.

Engineering Design in Industry Projects

1. “Titanium Matrix Composite Piston Design,”  Juan Loera, Vincent Chiangtong, Conrado Galamgam, Tu Tran, for Parker Aerospace.  Spring 98

2. “Part Placement in Surface Mount Tech Line,” Mark Setele, Tony Shen, Matthew Yacono, for Toshiba America Information Systems. Spring 98

3. “Filter Press Modeling,” Sergio Flores, Michael Mallari, Meric Wank, for Pacific Press. Spring 98

4. “Air Motor Design for a High Speed Dental Drill”—Mai Bui, Jun Canaveral, Monish Doshi, David Perales, Ernesto Villasenor, for Micro Motors, Inc. Fall 98

5. “High Volume Manufacturing of Gold Dot Miniature Mezzanine Interconnects,” Jeff Chandsawangbhuwana, Charlie Chang, Sio Fu, Sabina Lin, for Packard Hughes Interconnect, Inc. Winter 99

6. “No Tools, No Training Connector Development,” Monish Doshi, Gus Monico, Marc Worrel, for Packard Hughes Interconnect, Inc. Winter 99

7. “Hyper-Gravity Exercise System,” Hiram Channell, Maria Godoy, Khiet Le, Raymond Le, Shelly Natarnicola, Eric Phan, for UCI Program in Gravitational Biology. Spring 99

8. “Fine Wire Tensioner,” Daniel Carpio, Ricardo Chavez, Manuel Salguero, Vincent Seah, Jung-Sik Moon, for Orthodyne Electronics, Inc. Spring 99

9. “Single User Radar Speed Detector,” Billy Lee, Billy Yim, Omar Miranda, Michael Bledl, Jay Chen, for Road and Track Magazine. Spring 99

10. “Hair Graft Extraction Tool,” Brian Kaino, Joe Luo, Mark Hermanto, Michael Kondo, for Pioneer Medical Inc. Fall 99

11. “Environmentally Friendly Packaging,” Patrick Couch, Jose Tong, Eric Martinson, Jeong Gim, for Toshiba America Information Systems. Fall 99

12. “In-Line Hydraulic Fluid Particulate Detector,” Jon Dannenberg, Derek Drenske, Emil Krapetian, Arnold Tuason, for Eaton Corp. Winter 2000

13. “Aerospace Hydraulic Project,” Sun Gov, Ryan Kelly, Thanh Nguyen, Terrence Yao, for Parker Aerospace, Inc. Winter 2000

14. “Loading Stem-Sleeve Rivet Assemblies into the MS Press,” Carlos Sotelo, Claude Vol, Matthew Rickard, Chris Jung, for Cherry Textron Inc.  Spring 2000

15. “Quality Cutting of Pericardial Tissue,” Panda Chandsawangbhuwana, Ignacio Diaz, Charles Huang, Eugene Kwak, for Edwards Lifesciences, Inc. Spring 2000

16. “Emerging Markets for Gold Dot Technology,” John Luong, Vu Minh Phi, Budiarto the, In Mo Yeo, for Packard Hughes Interconnect, Fall 2000.

17. “The Allowance Calculator,”  Joanne Francisco, Kristine Gamatero, Patusa Papartassee and Yu How Low, for a private inventor, Spring 2002.